Style 180 - 22.3kW

The Style 180 from Klover is 22.3kW pellet stove capable of producing all your domestic hot water and powering up to 17.1kW of central heating or 12 standard radiators as well as throwing out up to 5.2kW of room heat. 
The Style 180 has a 7 day timer and front facing, variable fan to move hot air around the room but unlike other Klover stoves, it comes with WiFi, cruise control and the G.A.S. self-cleaning system as standard.
The Klover Style 180 also boasts a touch screen control pad, K type heat sensor and double glazed door glass.
Colours: Avorio, Matt Black, Bronze, Grey & Bordeaux
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 Klover Style 180 - 22.3kW Pellet Stove with 17.1kW Central Heating Boiler

Incl. VAT
Style 140 - 17.1kW up to 12 radiators €4,820
Style 180 - 22.3kW up to 15 radiators €5,020
Style 220 - 27.1kW up to 18 radiators €5,270
Prices exclude delivery & fitting and are for the Irish market only. Overseas customers should request a quotation
H&F offer a full installation service; however the price may vary depending on any additional preparation work required such as for the chimney or plumbing. Please ask our sales team for a free, no obligation visit from one of our Reps for a full quotation
Dimensions 56cm x 64cm x 115cm
Weight: 180Kg
Output: 22.31kW
Room heat: 5.2kW
To water: 17.1kW
Radiators: 12
Efficiency: 95.5%
Weekly timer
G.A.S self-cleaning system
K Type thermostat
Quartz ignition
Touch screen remote control
Double glazed door

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