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Why Choose H&F for Your Reconditioned Range?

Established in 1989, H&F Cookers has grown to become Ireland’s leading specialist in the reconditioning of classic Cast-Iron Range Cookers. Timeless brands such as Aga, Rayburn, Stanley,  Cleopatra and Wellstood are professionally restored to their original pristine condition by highly-experienced craftsmen at our production facility in County Tipperary.

It is our superior production standards, our attention to detail, and our commitment to remain true to the manufacturer’s original design principles, that has led to thousands of customers choosing H&F.

One key factor that ensures we deliver the highest quality of workmanship is that H&F controls the entire process from beginning to end. Critically, because we operate our own enamelling plant and engineering works, we have no need of external contractors for any aspect of the reconditioning process.

Another important factor why people choose H&F is choice. With 5 major brands, Vintage or modern styling, 4 fuel types, 12 standard enamel colours and a range of accessories to choose from; you are certain to find a range cooker that fits your taste and lifestyle. 

We can also supply you with a full set of home heating products and services from outdoor and indoor central heating boilers, plumbing services and a range of solid fuel stoves. Or you can mix and match any of these along with a range cooker for a comprehensive home heating solution.

Whether purchasing a reconditioned range or having your own range refurbished; you can be assured that H&F will provide you with a cooker of the finest quality that will give you sterling service for years to come.

In short; choosing H&F means buying with confidence!

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