Enamel Colours

1. Cream - The H&F version of the classic range cooker colour Cream Enamel 2. Claret Shaded - Claret centres with black shaded edges Claret Shaded Enamel
3. Jade - A less intense and slightly pastel shade of green 4. Black - High gloss finish with a deep luxurious lustre
5. White - Bright high-gloss, radiant white White Enamel 6. Mink Shaded - Beige centre panels with blended brown edges Mink Shaded Enamel
Oxford Blue Enamel 7. Oxford Blue - A deep, rich blue Green Shaded Enamel 8. Green Shaded - Green centres with blended black edges
9. Heather - A more pastel and lighter form of lavender Heather Enamel 10. Claret - A deep wine coloured red Claret Enamel
Blue Ink Enamel 11. Blue Ink - Very dark blue 12. Racing Green - Slightly lighter than British racing green
13. Duck Egg Blue - A light blue similar to the original Aga blue Duck Egg Blue Enamel 14. Wedgewood Blue - A light, pastel blue Wedgwood Blue Enamel
Pearl Ashes Enamel 15. Pearl Ashes - Neutral, light grey compatible with many different colour schemes Slate Grey 16. Slate Grey - Medium grey
17. Pewter - Dark grey  Pewter Enamel    
While every care and effort is taken to reproduce exact colours, variations in computer or mobile device screen can cause slight variations in colour and shade compared to the finished enamel surface. Should you wish to see the actual enamel finish itself, please call into our Cashel showrooms or if that is not possible we can arrange for a salesperson to call with samples.

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