Testimonials of H&F installed and supplied range cookers.

Aga Electric

Michael O'Connell installed a reconditioned 4 oven electric, Traditional Aga. Michael is a working farmer his wife Margaret uses the Aga as the main cooking appliance for the family so it gets plenty of use. Margaret is an expert Aga cook as she had an oil model previously and she found it easy to swap to the electric version as they cook in exactly the same way.

The O’Connell’s relocated the electric Aga to a central position in their remodelled kitchen so that it was on an internal wall thus making the most of the copious amounts of room heat by not wasting any on an external wall. This was made possible because the electric Aga doesn't require a flue so they had the freedom to place the Aga centrally within the kitchen.

Michael and Margaret are very pleased with both their cooker and our after sales service


Stanley Super Star Solid Fuel

Jenny Lawrence purchased a reconditioned Stanley Super Star solid fuel cooker in black enamel. The decision was mainly driven by the fact that she has a large kitchen with 3 external walls and she found the room difficult to keep warm during the cold months.

Since the installation the cooker has been used most days for cooking and one feature Mrs Lawrence found very useful is that when burning wood the hot plate comes up to temperature to boil a kettle in just 15 minutes from cold. In fact the ovens are ready for use in a little over an hour from starting the fire and shortly after that the appliance is producing piping-hot water for domestic use and heating.

Jenny confirmed that the Super Star does indeed fulfill her requirement of creating a warm and cosy kitchen that is now used far more often by the whole family and which she finds especially handy when she is babysitting her young grandchildren.


Stanley 8 on Legs Solid Fuel

Recently we delivered a Stanley 8 on Legs in blue enamel to Mrs. Marie Claude-O'Connor in France and here's her thoughts: "We were looking for an old fashioned- type wood-burning cooker and we prefered by far the Anglo-Saxon makes . After a lot of Internet searching, we finally found it on H&F website, an enterprise which refurbishes quality make cookers. After a few emails and despite the distance, we felt the enterprise was trustworthy.

At H&F, they like their products and they know their stuff. That makes all the difference. More especially, we want to thank the Customer Service who always replied to every one of our mails, answered all our questions (being so far, we really appreciated that) and that ,even after the cooker was paid off and delivered.

So today we are the happy owners of a beautiful and much admired  blue enameled Stanley 8 on legs. We are not disappointed by the heat it provides !  It heats perfectly our 40 square meter kitchen (in a not well insulated old stone house) ; It « cooks » great too…..We had our first oven cooked chicken last night ! Our friends are surprised when we tell them that our cooker is a refurbished one. The work  done is astonishing, it looks new !We are fully satisfied and we can only recommend this Irish enterprise to whoever is looking for a good old cooker like our Grandmas’ ; They won’t be disappointed".


Aga Electric

A reconditioned electric Standard Aga, two-oven range in black enamel was purchased by Mr & Mrs Hegarty for their lovely new farm house integrated kitchen and living area. Whilst the convenience of the thermostat control was well appreciated, Mrs Hegarty was surprised that the amount of room heat provided by the range was sufficient to heat the complete ground floor of their home even on cold evenings.

Indeed, the Aga provides sufficient heat to warm the whole house for most of the winter and Mrs Hegarty only occasionally needs to put on the heating for upstairs. And it is only the coldest of winter nights that requires the open fire to be lit in the living area.

Mrs Hegarty initially considered cream but opted for black enamel to suit the kitchen décor, which has a contemporary feel. The colour of the Aga particularly complements the dark floor tiles and the dark worktop on the kitchen island. The finish of the Aga is very good; as good as a new model, said Mrs Hegarty. So good in fact that friends often mistake it for a new Aga and are surprised to hear it is actually a reconditioned model from H&F.

Aga cooking was new to Mrs Hegarty but she found that with a little trial and not too much error, she soon had it mastered. In fact just two months after installing her range, Mrs Hegarty cooked a full Christmas lunch, with all the trimmings on her Aga.

With two young children and both parents working on the farm, life can be pretty hectic in the Hegarty household so using the electric Aga’s slow cooking facility means a stew, casserole or slow-roast can be popped into the oven in the morning and is ready by lunch time. Mrs Hegarty said that one of the nicest things about owning an electric Aga was coming home after a cold day’s work on the farm to a warm and cosy home and knowing there was a hot meal ready for the whole family.


Rayburn Supreme Solid Fuel

Recently we shipped a reconditioned Rayburn Supreme 355 to Mr Doug McLeod in France. Upon delivery Doug was so impressed with his Rayburn that he nicknamed it “the beast” !! He already had the site prepared with a neat, tiled plinth so all he had to do was get the flue connected and the chimney installed and now it has pride of place in his kitchen.


Stanley 90 Solid Fuel

H&F installed a solid fuel Stanley 90 and new hot water cylinder for Michael and Jenny Murphy to replace their old Stanley 8. Michael was pleased that the 90 will also heat his radiators in addition to providing hot water and Jenny noted that the not plate gave a much more even heat than their old cooker.

Whilst being very happy with the 90, they were both full of praise for the service they had received during the installation, remarking that the H&F installation team worked quickly, efficiently and left their home perfectly tidy. Jenny was particularly impressed with how helpful our technicians were in general and in particular, how thoroughly they explained and demonstrated the use of their new system, leaving both customer's fully confident in how to get the best from their Stanley 90.


Rayburn Supreme Solid Fuel

Recently we delivered a Rayburn Supreme Solid Fuel model to Philippe Mason, in France. He arranged a local installer to fit the cooker and here’s his reaction: “I have nearly finished installing the Rayburn, I only need to fit a steel plate around where the pipe goes into the wall. It’s working great for both heating and cooking. Re heating, it already makes a huge difference compared to my previous set-up (Chimney + electric heaters). I can also see that it consumes about 2/3 less wood than the chimney and heats the whole ground floor area evenly instead of only a limited area around the chimney.  Don't hesitate to give my name and details if you need a reference in France for the future”.


Rayburn 40 Solid Fuel

In February we delivered a very rare Rayburn 40, four oven, solid fuel range to Helen Westlake in Wales. Our enamelling plant had just formulated a new range of Blue enamels and Helen was the first customer to take delivery of one of our ranges in dark Blue and she named the colour for us “Oxford Blue”. Here are some of Helen’s thoughts on purchasing from H&F:

“The Rayburn is settling in well, riddling makes a big difference and it’s very easy to light in the morning rather than trying to keep it in all night. The Kids have started cooking with it already; we just need to get use to how much wood or coal to burn. We managed full Sunday lunch no problems! Everyone thinks it looks great.  I am very pleased with the Rayburn and will send photo when we have more than bare plaster and wires dangling from the ceiling!”


Aga Electric

In February we installed a two oven electric Aga for Mr and Mr Gleeson in Limerick and Mrs Gleeson is happy to report that she loves her electric Aga and it's been a great success. Mr Gleeson is an engineer and is quite at home experimenting with the controls even to the extent that he's come up with a novel timer setting that allows the cooker to operate using the minimum amount of electricity whilst maintaining a constant cooking temperature. Mrs Gleeson uses the Aga for most of the houshold cooking and she also creditied our installation team by saying that it was "the most painless installation" that she had experienced so well done lads!


Rayburn No.3 Solid Fuel

Aaron Glass in New Zealand purchased a reconditioned Rayburn No.3 solid fuel and here's what he had to say about the experience. "On behalf of the Glass family I have to say the Rayburn has been excellent. We are still getting used to getting the temperature right as it works far better than the old wellstood and at this stage we are getting about 10 hours burn time on a fully banked down fire for just over a half full firebox. As it is heating a relatively small cottage, it is probably a bit too hot if anything! I loaded it up one night and basically we all found it very hard to sleep due to the heat so as I said it looks to be an excellent fire, we just need to learn a bit more on reducing the heat output and getting the oven temp steady. The quality of finish is excellent and the ‘wives’ are taking all the credit for the nice colour. All in all a great buy and as it is fully rebuilt will see us sorted for many years and certainly glad we used H&F as it is demonstrably better than the company in NZ that recondition fires and also the price was very attractive, even if it had to come all the way from Tipperary! "


Stanley Super Star Oil

Richard & Eunice James replaced their aging Super Star with a reconditioned model from H&F: "Hi H&F. Just want to say how pleased we are with our new Stanley cooker, it is fabulous, did all Xmas cooking, all my cakes sausage rolls , it is so nice to have hot water, radiators hot, and cook all at the same time , I loved my old one but this is great, as I could not have or  do all that at same time. Many thanks for all you help and great service, we wish you all a happy new year and all the best for New Year."

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