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The Control Electric Aga from H&F updates Traditional and Deluxe Aga models that run on oil, gas or electric and are always on, to On/Off cooking more suitable for fully insulated homes and more compatible with a busy lifestyle. With the H&F Control electric system, the Aga can be left turned off and simply switched on to cook your meal. When you are finished cooking, the Aga can be turned off again. 
And you don’t have to heat the whole Aga; you can just switch on the cooking zone you want to use because each zone is individually controlled.  On the left there’s a two zone, touch control, ceramic electric hob for instant cooking and on the right, there’s a large ultra-controllable, traditional, cast-iron hot plate that’s up to cooking temperature in just 10 minutes. In room heat mode it will run during the day at a low heat level to  give your kitchen that traditional Aga, cozy background warmth whilst helping to keep down electricity costs.
All Control models can have a timer fitted to bring the Aga on automatically during the day for room heat or cooking. This timer can be integral or wall mounted depending on the model.
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Control Electric Aga

Incl. VAT
Aga Traditional 2 Oven, Control Electric €6,300
Aga Traditional 4 Oven, Control Electric €7,350
Aga Deluxe 2 Oven, Control Electric €6,500
Aga Deluxe 4 Oven, Control Electric €7,950
New Integrated Module for Deluxe Models P.O.R
Steel Plinth, 2 Oven Models €250
Steel Plinth, 2 Oven Models                                                                 €300
Prices exclude delivery & fitting and are for the Irish market only. Overseas customers should request a quotation
H&F offer a full installation service; however the price may vary depending on any additional preparation work required such as for the chimney or plumbing. Please ask our sales team for a free, no obligation visit from one of our Reps for a full quotation
The Control Aga is very responsive and from stone cold you can expect heat up times of:
  • 30 seconds - Electric Ceramic Hob
  • 10 minutes - Electric Cast Iron Hob
  • 40 minutes - Top oven reaches baking temperature
  • 55 minutes - Top oven reaches roasting temperature
  • 60 minutes - Bottom oven reaches baking temperature
  • 2 hours - Ambient room heat begins
Using your Control Aga in room heat mode has the additional benefit of greatly reduced heat up times for the main ovens as compared to a cold start thus speeding up the cooking process.
The H&F Control Aga works just like a regular electic domestic cooker whereby you only need to switch on the zone you want to use; the rest of the cooker remains off so in that respect it's more cost efficient than an always on Aga model. But unlike a regular cooker, our Control Aga gives you beautiful, suculant food cooked using taditional Aga radiant heat from the cast iron ovens.
Also the Control Aga can be used for ambient room heat during the day and we fit a timer to the ovens to manage this feature. With the oven control set to the recomended room heat setting of #3 and the timer set for 12 hours of room heat, the electricity usage will be around 40 units per week.

H&F Control Aga Feature List

  • Turn on, cook turn off
  • Independently controlled cooking zones
  • Ovens cook using gentle, radiant heat
  • Left side ceramic hob for instant cooking
  • Right side, large cast hob for traditional Aga cooking
  • Can produce ambient room heat during the day
  • Electricity usage around 40 units per week in room heat mode
  • Requires standard 32A supply just like a regular cooker
  • Timer control for room heat function
  • Ceramic hob has extender function for larger cookware
  • Integral timer on some models
  • Top roasting oven
  • Bottom baking oven
In preparation for the installation or conversion of your Aga to electric by H&F, you will need to install at dedicated electrical supply circuit as specified below. This work must be carried out under the guidelines of the Safe Electric regulations  and by a registered ECSSA or RECI contractor. The contractor must also provide you with a certificate for the work carried out in your home.
The electrical specification of the converted cooker:
4 Oven Model: 220-240VAC 50-60Hz – Max. Current: 30.80A
2 Oven Model: 220-240VAC 50-60Hz – Max. Current: 28.08A
The following is the H&F recommendation for the supply circuit for the Control Aga:
  1. Dedicated 40 Amp MCB circuit breaker at the distribution board
  2. Do not connect to the RCCB Residual Current Circuit Breaker
  3. We recommend a double pole switch rated at 45 Amps with a LED indicator to be placed not more than 2 meters from the appliance
  4. Cable Specification: 10mm² cross-sectional area NYM-J or Twin & Earth
We recommend a double pole isolator switch rated at 45 Amps with a LED indicator to be placed not more than 2 meters from the appliance. This switch is over-rated to allow for sufficient heat dissipation as the appliance is capable of running for prolonged periods.

Control Panel for Traditional Models

Control Aga, Traditional Aga Control Panel


Control Panel for Deluxe Models with Integral Timer

Electric Ceramic Hob for Instant Cooking

Cast Iron Hob for Traditional Aga Cooking

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