Maida IDRO 18.6kW

The Maida Idro New pellet boiler stove by Palazzetti is now available from H&F. This central heating pellet stove has a maximum burn time of 17 hours on a single hopper and puts out 15.2kW of heat to your radiators & domestic hot water systems.That means it's capable of heating up to 10 standard radiators.
The Palazzetti Maida Idro New central heating stove has integral circulating pump, expansion tank and safety valve and is suitable for connection to a sealed plumbing system. 
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Maida Idro 18.6kW New Pellet Stove with Central Heating Boiler

Incl. VAT
Maida Idro New 18.6kW up to 10 radiators - Ivory, Red or Black €6,300
Prices exclude delivery & fitting and are for the Irish market only. Overseas customers should request a quotation
H&F offer a full installation service; however the price may vary depending on any additional preparation work required such as for the chimney or plumbing. Please ask our sales team for a free, no obligation visit from one of our Reps for a full quotation


• hydronic pellet stove with fan option
• burn pot in very thick cast iron
• "Star” pellet-feed system
• Balanced Door with self-balancing hinges
• Two doors, one design door in curved glass and one technical door provided with Balanced door system
• firebox with flue gas tubes (n. 8)
• large ash pan
• Combustion Dynamic Control
• digital, touch screen control panel
• Operating hours can be programmed on a daily and weekly basis
• integrated interface for external thermostat or for connection to the storage tank
• combustion air ducted from outdoors
• integrated hydronic unit composed of a circulation pump, a safety valve, a closed expansion tank and a manometer
• fan has various power settings
• Quick Start system (reduces ignition time)
• designed for our Connection box
Rated heat output 18.6 kW
Water heat output 15.2 kW
Radiators 10
Efficiency at rated heat output 86.9 %
Maximum burn time 17 h
Feedbox capacity 23 kg
Hourly pellet consumption 1.31 - 4.42 kg/h
Flue gas outlet diameter ø 10 cm

Palazzetti Maida IDRO Dimensions

Palazzetti Maida IDRO Dimensions

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