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H&F can now offer a fully Electric Aga 9A in either of our reconditioned Traditional or Deluxe models. Imagine the wonderful cooking ability and cosy radiant room heat of a classic Aga cooker coupled with the convenience of timer control and a temperature adjustment knob. No more worrying about running out of oil or weather you have loaded enough anthracite to last until you return home because the Electric Aga is connected to your mains electricity supply via a dedicated circuit.
An Electric Aga uses a clean and silent power source; no more ashes to remove or flue ways to clean and neither the timer nor the element makes any sound what so ever. All components have been manufactured and tested to be robust and durable, which means no servicing is required, further reducing running costs.
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Aga Deluxe Electric 9A

Incl. VAT
2 Oven
4 Oven 
Climote Controller
New Integrated Module
2 ring electric hob for 4 oven models
Steel Plinth
Prices exclude delivery & fitting and are for the Irish market only. Overseas customers should request a quotation
H&F offer a full installation service; however the price may vary depending on any additonal preparartion work required such as for the chimney or plumbing. Please ask our sales team for a free, no obligation visit from one of our Reps for a full quotation
Typically for a two oven model you can expect the following performance at setting #6:
  • The top oven will be at roasting temperature
  • The bottom oven will be at baking temperature
  • The left hot plate will be for boiling or frying
  • The right hot plate will be for simmering
  • Your Aga will produce approximately plenty room heat
If you have a four oven model you will also have increased performance in the two left hand ovens; they will go from warming to slow cooking temperature.
Aga users know their treasured cooker is unique as all Agas differ a little in the way they are controlled and how much fuel they use. Also fuel and electricity prices are variable so predicting the savings you can expect when you upgrade to an H&F Electric conversion can never be precise. However, if you make your own calculation using our average weekly usage figures in the table below, you will see that there are significant savings to be made on you fuel costs.
In addition to weekly fuel savings, you will also save on maintenance costs because unlike oil or gas fired Agas, an H&F electric model requires no annual servicing, saving you thousands over the lifetime of the cooker.
  • Long-term cheaper than running your Aga on oil
  • Timer controlled on/off cycle
  • Thermostat for temperature adjustment
  • Simple, easy to use controls
  • No flue required
  • No annual service required
  • Increased hot spot temperature
  • Requires only a dedicated 20amp spur
  • British designed and manufactured
  • 2 or 4 oven models available
  • Clean and silent operation
  • Optional Climote controller
Prior to installation, you will probably need to install a new dedicated electricity supply for your Aga. This work must be carried out and certified by a qualified electrician registered with either reci or the ECSSA. The specification of the supply you will require is:
1. Dedicated 20 Amp, switched circuit suitable for a 2.2kW heating element
2. Dedicated 20 Amp MCB circuit breaker at the distribution board
3. Must NOT be a plug socket, must be a permanent wired connection.
4. We recommend a double pole switch rated at 45 Amps with a LED indicator to be placed not more than 2 metres from the appliance
5. Cable Specification: 2.5mm² cross-sectional area NYMJ or Twin & Earth
If you plan to install your own external time clock or if you want a Climote controller from H&F, we strongly recommend that such devices are used to switch the control side of the contactor in the Aga control box rather than the element connection. This will avoid damage to the external time clock in the event of a fault on the Aga. It is also a safety concern because not all time clocks are rated high enough to run the element in the Aga. In such cases you will require further electrical work to be carried out by your registered electrician from the 20 Amp circuit detailed above:
1.       From the load side of the 20 Amp circuit, install an additional termination box
2.       Minimum 1.5 mm² cable
3.       Terminal box can be unswitched but must be fused at 3 Amps
4.       Used to supply live, neutral & earth for the external time clock

The latest advance in home heating technology is the all new, all Irish Climote management system available from H&F. The Climote unit replaces your traditional timer and allows you to turn on or off you electric Aga whilst out of your home.
You can manage your Climote by text message or with an app on your Android or iPhone, or you can use your PC and internet connection. No matter where you are you can make sure your kitchen is snug and cosy before you return home or you could pop a casserole into the oven and remotely turn on your cooker so that you have a piping hot meal ready for when you walk in through the door.

You have control of your Aga wherever you can send a text message over the mobile network or if you have an internet connection - It's that easy! The mobile phone apps are simple to use and when at home the Climote controller has a large, clear screen and simple-to-use manual controls, so there's no confusion. 
In fact you can extend the use of your Climote to manage two other heating sources or zones in your home because the Climote is actually a three zone controller so you could connect your central heating boiler too. And the Climote can also report back to you confirming your request was received or telling you the current temperature in your home.
H&F can add the convenience of Climote management to your electric Aga if you are already one of our customers or if you are considering purchasing a reconditioned electric Aga from us, you may wish to include this option in your installtion. Please call our sales line on 062-61511 for more information or to book a visit from one of our sales reps. Alternatively you can see the Climote in action at our Cashel showrooms.

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