Replacement Boilers

H&F manufactures replacement boilers for Stanley, Rayburn, Wellstood and Aga ranges. Direct stainless steel and indirect boilers manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel or high quality carbon steel. Both our stainless steel and carbon steel boilers are pressure tested to 3 bar and are fully guaranteed. We offer a full fitting service and if you require a boiler that's not on the list below; we can make custom designs to suit most range cookers.

Retail prices shown, trade prices available, please call our sales team.

Boiler Model Incl. VAT
Stanley Super Star SF €575
Stanley Super Star 60k Oil €710
Stanley Twin Burner €1,225
Stanley 8/9 DHW SS €275
Stanley 8/9 DHW MS €165
Stanley 8/9 L Boiler €195
Stanley 8/9 U8 €205
Stanley 8/9 U9 €290
Stanley Super 8 €205
Stanley 8/9/80/90 €290
Stanley 8 High Output Oil €480
Stanley 90 Oil €680
Rayburn Supreme €815
Rayburn MF (Left or Right) €535
Rayburn No.1 & 3 + MF SS DHW €455
Rayburn No.1 & 3 + MF MS DHW €185
Rayburn No.1 & 3 Central Heating €410
Rayburn Twin Burner Mk2 €545
Wellstood 2 Oven DHW SS €220
Wellstood 2 Oven DHW MS €165
Wellstood 2 Oven Central Heating €410
Aga DHW SS €310
Aga DHW MS €275
All prices include VAT but exclude delivery and fitting
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