Graphite Inset 6.9kW

The Graphite Convector inset stove outputs 4.9kW burning wood or up to 6.9kW when burning coal. It has a high quality cast iron front and door that means great heat transfer into your room, which is greatly aided by the convector system that draws in cool air, heats it as it passes over the body of the stove and sends it out of the top into your room. And it slots into most Irish fireplace openings.
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Graphite Convector Inset 6.9kW 

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Graphite Convector Insert Multi Fuel Stove
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Graphite Convector Inset Tecnical Details

Output Anthracite: 6.9kW 
Output Wood: 4.9kW 
Efficiency: 87.6% Nett
Construction: Steel body, cast iron front & door
Flur outlet: Top, 6"/150mm
Grate: Multifuel
Guarantee: 5 years
Max. log length: 250mm
Weight: 101Kg
Air vent: Yes
Direct air: No

Graphite Convector Inset Dimensions

Graphite Convector Inset Dimensions

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