Elise 540 5kW

Designing a cassette stove that essentially redefines what it means to burn cleanly requires a wholly fresh approach, which is why the Stovax Elise 540 is very different. Featuring unique airflow dynamics that facilitate highly efficient, state of the art combustion systems, the new Elise range produces magnificent rolling flames and ample warmth, whilst lowering emissions to an absolute minimum. The progressive design makes it not only one of today’s cleanest burning, carbon neutral fires, but also compliant with the forthcoming exacting Ecodesign standards for 2022. Resulting from Stovax’s over 30 years of British design and engineering, the Elise is a clean, contemporary designed fire range at the pinnacle of clean burning performance. The Stovax Elise 540 comes in two base models; the Steel Cassette and the Glass Cassette and this refers to the door being either steel or glass framed. It can be purchased as a multi fuel or a dedicated wood burner and there a range of frame options available that allows you to customise your stove.
Hearths and Accessories


Elise 540 Insert Stove Price
Incl. VAT
Elise 540 Steel Cassette Stove Wood
Elise 540 Steel Cassette Stove Multi-Fuel
Elise 540 Glass Cassette Stove Wood
Elise 540 Glass Cassette Stove Multi-Fuel
Prices exclude delivery & fitting and are for the Irish market only. Overseas customers should request a quotation
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Elise 540 Frame and Option Prices       Incl. VAT
540 Edge + 3 sided frame
540 Edge + 4 sided frame
540 Profil 3 sided frame
540 Profil 4 sided frame
Fan assisted convection kit
Convection Air Ducting Kit
Outside Air Base Kit
  • Heat output nominal: 5.0kW
  • Heat output range: 3.0 – 7.0kW
  • Maximum efficiency of 83%
  • Maximum Log Length 330mm
  • Firebox Dimensions (w x h x d) 540 x 550 x 350mm
  • Flue Connection (internal diameter) 153mm (6”)

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