H&F Aga Electric Upgrade

Running your Aga on electricity can be cheaper than using fuel oil especially if you have night rate electricity. And you don’t only save on your fuel bills because an H&F electric Aga does not require annual servicing.
But saving money is only half the story because with electricity comes a host of other benefits such as timer control so that your Aga awakes from slumber and is ready for cooking just when you need it. You also have a thermostat to closely regulate the temperature of the ovens and hotplates.
There are no worries about oil spills, leaks or the level of fuel left in your tank and absolutely no fuel smells. Electricity is completely silent and clean. You won’t have to brush-out your flue and chimney; in fact you can even remove your flue because with this upgrade all you need is a small vent pipe to remove cooking odours from the ovens.
If you are a keen cook, you can rest assured that your Aga will cook your food in exactly the same way; your food will still be moist and flavoursome as the gentle cooking heat is transferred to your dishes in the same manner. Although you will notice that your Aga comes up to cooking temperature faster than with oil.


  • H&F Aga Electric Upgrade uses only a 16.25 amp supply so the electrical preparation work is simple and low-cost
  • This upgrade can usually be carried out in your kitchen with little fuss or mess and takes just a few hours
  • All H&F technicians are fully trained and all work and parts are fully guaranteed
  • You have the option of incorporating remote control and monitoring from you mobile phone by adding a Climote controller
  • If your Aga is looking a little tired or over-used, you can upgrade to electricity as part of our full refurbishment and re-enamelling service
  • The H&F electric upgrade is available for both the modern Deluxe and the older Traditional models
  • Call our sales line and arrange for one of our Reps to call and discuss your options with you in the comfort of your own home


After your H&F Aga Electric Upgrade you will probably notice an improvement in the performance of your Aga and this change could be quite dramatic especially if your wick burner is old or in poor condition. Typically for a two oven model you can expect the following performance:
  • From cold to oven cooking temperature takes around 6 ½ hours
  • From cold to boiling a kettle the boiling hotplate takes about 2 hours
  • The operating temperature of the top oven will be about 250⁰C
  • The operating temperature of the bottom oven will be approximately 150⁰C
  • The operating temperature of the boiling plate will be around 360⁰C
  • The operating temperature of the simmering plate will be about 180⁰C
  • Your Aga will still produce approximately plenty room heat
If you have a four oven model you will also have increased performance in the two left hand ovens. They will go from warming to slow cooking temperature.


Electrical Requirements

In preparation for the installation or conversion of your Aga to electric by H&F, you will need to install at least one dedicated electrical supply circuit as specified below. This work must be carried out under the guidelines of the Safe Electric regulations http://www.safeelectric.ie/ and by a registered ECSSA or RECI contractor. The contractor must also provide you with a certificate for the work carried out in your home. The specification of the main supply circuit is:
1. Dedicated 20 Amp, switched supply suitable for a 3.5kW heating element
2. Dedicated 20 Amp MCB circuit breaker at the distribution board
3. Must NOT be a plug socket, must be a permanent wired connection.
4. We recommend a double pole switch rated at 45 Amps with a LED indicator to be placed not more than 2 metres from the appliance. This switch is over-rated to allow for sufficient heat dissipation as the appliance is capable of running 24 hours per day.
5. Cable Specification: 2.5mm² cross-sectional area NYMJ or Twin & Earth


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